Lalitpur district forms a part of hilly city Bundelkhand sloping down from the outliers of the Vindhya Range on the south to the tributaries of the Yamuna River on the north. The extreme south of the district is composed of the parallel rows of long and narrow-ridged hills through which rivers flow down over ledges of granite or quartz and in North of the hilly region, granite chains have gradually turned into cluster of small hills.

The Betwa River forms the northern and western boundary of the district such that a considerable part of the district lies in watershed. The Jamni River which is a tributary of Betwa river forms the eastern boundary while the Dhasan River forms the district’s southeastern boundary and the southeastern portion of the district lies within its watershed.



Area: 5039 Sq. Kms Population: 1,221,592 Villages: 756
Language: Hindi  Male: 641,011  Female: 580,581