India is a large country. Many festivals are celebrated across the lenghth and breadth of the country.

Bundelkhand has special significance for festivals.


This festival belongs to Chaitra Shanki Teej. This fast is only done by happy women. In this festival, the women worship Parvati ji and -Prasad-Gyan Gaur in Naivedya. This offering is not given to men. Every woman who is wishing for good fortune has been doing this vantra on the land of Bundelkhand from time immemorial.

Chaiti Poone

The full moon of Chaitra is celebrated in the name of Chaiti Poona in Bundelkhand. Method: – Five or seven plates are dipped by limestone or chariot. One is kept. Statue of two mothers and a pajun-kumar statue is made on the Karve.


This festival is celebrated on the occasion of Baisakh. This work is fasting for accomplishment. On this day, a pupil is made from white sandalwood on one leaf after completing the square. The four chords of four tumors are kept by placing it on a plate and this is worshiped. If seven aces are made in Naivedya, then the fasting woman eats. After this, the smallest child in the house passes on to the claws. It is the story of Asamai. They keep these cows and they are worshiped every year.

Akti-Akshay Tratiya

This festival is celebrated by Vaishak Shukla Teej. This festival is of great importance. It is said that the beginning of Satyuga began today. Today the cupats of the famous shrine Badrinarayan open. However, this festival is very different in Bundelkhand. Play 1 plays a game of guddy-dolls in it. The boys fly kites from today. Dakhalas – Small fences- are donated by placing them on the top, dumplings, sattu, jaggery and raw amis. In the evening, the girls sing and sing a lot of songs, then returning, the Son shares. -The gram dal and banyan leaves of banyan-bhagad, roasted among themselves, ask about the names of their husband by joking.


Jeth Krishna Amavas has a festival of equal rights. Today, fortunate women visit the tree and worship it with the complete law of the tree. Wishing the health of your son and husband and your eternal happiness. Brahma in the origin of the butt, Vishnu in the middle, Shiva above and Savitri in the overall. Fasting by saying the story of Sati-Savitri This fast is celebrated in honor of Sati-Savitri.

Kunghusu poone

Ashadh Shukla Purnima is worshiped in every house of Bundelkhand, house brides are known, which is known as Kunghasunu. At this festival, on the Saas Deewal, the four corners of the four corners are made of turmeric, they are worshiped. The mother-in-law wishes such a daughter-in-law that Goddess Bhau, becoming Lakshmi in the house, fill the house with money and children. Gods reside in where women are respected. This festival shows the same kind of feeling.


This festival is celebrated in the month of Savan. This festival is celebrated like Kunghusun Poona, worshiping daughters and reverence for the daughters.

Nag Panchmi

Nag Panchami Shravan Shukla Panchami is celebrated. Snakes are worshiped on this day. The snake charmers are also worshiped. Fear of snakes, therefore, is the law of worship of Nag in the books.


The full moon of the fast-growing Shravan month is celebrated. This is a festival of very sacred feelings. In this festival, the sisters also attach rakhi to brothers with full enthusiasm and affection and give rupees and gifts to their sisters in the celebration of Rakhi


This festival is celebrated on the Chhath of Bhadon Krishna Prabh. On this day, Shri Krishna’s elder brother Balram was born. This fasting women only do the same. This fast is forbidden to eat sown seeds of wheat and ghee and milk of ghee, milk etc in this fast. This fast is the law of eating trees without eating grains.

Kanhaiya Ashtmi

Everyone knows “Janmashtami” This festival is celebrated on the eighth of the lords. This day Lord Krishna was born.


This festival is celebrated by the Shukla Vaishya Tritiya of Ladans. This fast has to be kept burning. All fortunate women do this fast. There is also a law of night awakening in this fast. By keeping this fast in all the houses of Bundelkhand, all the women awaken in the night after singing hymns together.

Risi panchein

This festival is celebrated on Panchami of the Shukla Paksha of the Bhads. This fast also does the streams. Knowing unknowingly, sins and mistakes are made, it is the law of this fast for the atonement of the person.


This festival is celebrated on Ashwani (Quanar) Krishna’s Ashtami. This fast is also performed by sadbhavyavati and patvatya women. It is also worshiped with Mahalaxmi as well as elephant. Today, a special type of dish is made, which is called sura (thhetra). The importance of bathing in the river or pond on this day is important. Sixteen baths and sixteen suras have to be worshiped. Laxmi ji’s worship is also a story.


In the Krishna side of the Quarter, starting from Pratipada, there is a special worship for nine days. Nourta (Subta) plays in the Bundelkhand for nine days in the morning. This festival is also a special festival of girls. In this, the girls sang a variety of alpana songs on the platforms. This is the important festival of Bundelkhand.


This festival is also celebrated on the Dashami of Ashwani Mass on the Krishna side. It is said that the name “Vijay” is auspicious when the stars in the sky get out at the dusk date of evening. The work started in this muhurta is proved. Today, Shriram had campaigned for victory over Ravana. On this day, Nilkanth is considered to be auspicious to see the birds and the birds in the entire Bundelkhand.


The full moon of Ashwin month is called Sharad Purnima. From this day karthik bath starts in Bundelkhand.
According to the Puranas, the moon is inhabited by the nectar, and on the night of Sharad Purnima, this is the same as the elixir of the earth which rises in the rays, which gets the power of Sanjivani. Sharad Purnima should make Kheer and keep the moon open and keep it open all night in the open moonlight for the night. By eating this kheer, many diseases and diseases are removed.


Kartik month’s Krishna Triadshi is called Dhanteras. Today, a lamp is kept burning at the door of the house. It is considered auspicious to buy new utensils today. The importance of worship of Yamraaj and Lord Dhanvantarari on the day of Dhanteras is important. Hell-Chaudas- Krishna Chaturdashi of Kartik Mass is called hell chaturdashi, though this day is also called “small diwali”. Today was the birthday of Hanuman ji on the occasion of the half-night. Therefore, on this day Hanuman Jayanti is also celebrated.


The festival of “Deepawali” is celebrated on the new moon of Kartik month. Today is celebrated with enthusiasm, glee, holiness and reverence. On this day, the worship of Lakshmi-Ganesh and the lighting of all the places is highlighted. Prasad of new clothes, food, fruits, desserts and nuts is put in the house.

All festivals and festivals are celebrated with great faith, in which some sense of purpose is hidden. Regardless of the sins, the religious social affection, the desire for the fasting, the desire for happy life and good fortune, the desire for happy life and good fortune, the entire aspirations exist in these festivals.

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