Government Industrial Training Institute, Lalitpur (Vocational Education and Skill Development Department)

a) Organogram

Giti Lalitpurb) Details of all departmental officers and  IN charge / Employees –

S.No. Designation of Offiacers/Employees Work Area Section/Govt. Scheme Mobile No./C.u.g Official E- mail Id
1 Nodal principal All District Level Institute Craftsmn Training Scheme/Apprenteship Training Scheme 9628374357
2 Principal Talbehat Talbehat Institute Craftsmn Training Scheme 9889694550
3 Principal Mehroni Mehroni Institute Craftsmn Training Scheme 9628374357
4 Principal pali Pali Institute Craftsmn Training Scheme 9628374357
5 Foreman Lalitpur Institute Level Training 9451171853
6 Foreman Mehroni Institute Level Training 9453623625
7 Foreman Talbehat Institute Level Training 9451171905
8 Instructor Lalitpur Institute Level Trade Training _
9 Instructor Mehroni Institute Level Trade Training _
10 Instructor Talbehat Institute Level Trade Training _
11 Senior Assistant


Institute Level Establishment/Accounts/


12 Junior Assistant


Institute Level Training/Diary/Dispatch 9140964931
13 Senior Assistant


Institute Level Establishment 8115037944
14 Store Keeper Institute Level Store Work 9451171905
15 Store Attendant Institute Level _ _ _
16 Class Fourth Institute Level _ _ _

Craftsmen Training Scheme

The Craftsmen Training Scheme Was Introduced by the Government of India in 1950 to ensure a steady flow of skilled workers in different trades for the domestic industry, to raise quantitatively and qualitatively the industrial production by systematic training, to reduce unemployment among the educated youth by providing  them employable training, to cultivate and nurture a technical and industrial attitude in the mind of the younger generation. The Scheme the most important in the field of vocational training, has been shaping craftsmen to meet the existing as well as future manpower need, through the vast network of it is in the various states/union territories in the country.


Apprenticeship Training Scheme

The Apprentice act, 1961 was enacted with the objective of regulating the programme of training of apprentices in the industry by utilizing the facilities available therein for imparting on-the-job training. Ministry of skill Development and Entrepreneurship in the administrative ministry responsible for implementation of the act. Apprenticeship training in one of the most efficient ways to develop skilled manpower for industry by using training facilities available in the establishments without putting any extra burden on exchequer to se up training infrastructure. Persons after undergoing apprenticeship training can easily adapt to industrial environment at the time of regular employment.