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District Administration »

Zuhair Bin Sagheer (District Magistrate)

Message from DM Lalitpur: It gives me pleasure to launch website of District Lalitpur. Government is eager to make the public services more and more transparent and it is felt that there should be greater participation of public in the state affairs. In this regards many efforts have been initiated on district level as well.

Current Events »

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

On 2nd October, the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi (an epitom of peace and cleanliness), a cleanliness drive has been initiated in Collectorate compound as well as in the city.

Tourism, Places of Interest »

Dashavatar TempleThis fine Gupta temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu is the earliest known Panchyatan temple in north India, scenes from Vaishnava mythology.
Jain Temples 31 Jain temples are somewhat later in origin that the Vishnu temple, but are no less remarkable.
Deogarh Archaeological Museumit has a fine collection of sculpture, discovered from the surrounding.

Historical Places of Lalitpur

  • Cave of Rishi Muchukand, temple of Lord Shri Krishna. Here Persian King Kalyawan was killed by Muchukand.

    In this way Shri Krishna saved the war and blood shed and rescued lots of girls and prisoners from Kaal Yawan's custody.

  • Neelkantheswar, temple of Lord Shiva. The idol of Lord Shiva is unique in that it has three heads, considered to be one and only Avatar of Lord Shiva.

    located in Pali, Lalitpur district of Uttar Pradesh, India.

  • The Matatila Dam, was built in 1958 on the Betwa River. This earthen dam is 35 m high.

    catchment area is around 20 km2 with a maximum storage capacity of 1132 million cubic metres. Nestled between a large numbers of small hills.

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