Places to Visit
Fort Talbehat

The Fort is situated on Jhansi-Lalitpur four lane road. Raja Mardan Singh ruled here from this fort & he fought alongwith Rani Laxmi Bai against the Britishers in 1957. The Fort has got three temples inside, dedicated to Angad, Hanumanji & Narsingh Bhagwan . The Fort have massive structures and is situated on the bank of massive Mansarovar Lake.

This lake is suitable for various water sports activities. At present the facility of boat club with paddle boats is available, there is Ghat Jetty & Restaurant also. In the premises there is Hazaria Mahadev  Temple on the banks of Lake.

Deogarh - Ancient Temple Town by Betwa

133 km from Jhansi, Deogarh, in district Lalitpur, is of great antiquarian, epigraphical and archaeological importance and has figured in the history of Guptas, the Gurjara - Pratiharas, the Gondas, the Muslim rulers of Delhi & Kalpi, the Marathas and the British.

It is situated on the right bank of the river Betwa, at the western end of the Lalitpur range. The cliffs everhanging the bank rise to a height of 300 feet and form a long steep ridge of red sandstone. The river takes a deep curve to the west at this juncture and passes though an extremely picturesque country side.

What to see in Deogarh

Dashavatar Temple : This Gupta period Vishnu temple is the earliest known Panchayatan temple of north India. The terraced basement above the high temple plinth is adorned with a continuous row of sculptured panels. A highly carved doorway with Ganga_Yamuna figures lead to sanctum sanctorum or the garbhagriha. Three big Rathika Panels - Gajendra Moksha, Nara-Narayan tapasya and the Anantshai Vishnu - set in the side walls depict Vaishnava mythological scenes carved in high relief. The temple is noted for being the first north Indian temple with a spire or shikhara. Erotic panels are an added attraction.